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Fitness instructor teaching water aerobics class

Empowering all size bodies to the endless benefits of the water.

Aquatic fitness personal training, group classes, and virtual coaching.

Low Impact. Big results.

Aquatic exercise helps to take pressure off of the joints and can also reduce body weight, helping people of all shapes and sizes maintain a safe workout. Don’t let that fool you into thinking you won’t break a sweat! As with any form of exercise your program can be designed to be as intense or as therapeutic as you want.

Entire body conditioning. For all shapes and abilities.

The water is a welcome environment for all shapes, sizes and abilities. The water has a lot to
offer due to its viscosity. It also provides a place of reduced impact, stability – to a degree
and comfort when moving in the water. Think about it, if you were fall in the water, the hair gets
wet. If you were to fall on land, possible bruising, fractures or broken bones. This one of many
reasons why aquatic exercise is a good choice for exercise.

Ready to get started?!


To me, being a personal trainer means unlocking the client’s potential through education, support and accountability.

Monique is president of The Personal Health Trac, a continuing education provider for the Aquatic Exercise Association, an international aquatic fitness presenter and a certified personal trainer.  She offers educational workshops, creates wellness workouts and works alongside the medical community designing medical exercise programs.  She is a frequent contributor to the AKWA magazine and serves on the Aquatic Exercise Advisory board.

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Hear it from real Clients

“…We’ve been working together for about 5 years, and I could not be happier! She has a gentle way about her, but is also a serious taskmaster …”

Michael M .

“… Monique has kept me active at my age of 92, .she gets all the credit for my being able to play tennis and golf this long with no shoulder or hip damage so far…”

Janet E.

“…Always prepared, positive, and professional, adjusting my program based on my varying needs – healthy or recovering from surgery (hip and knee replacement)...”

Linda M.